I offer a flat rate fee of $75 which includes:

- Session time up to 2 hours (will do more if need be without charge).
- Photography of up to 5 subjects
- Unlimited outfit changes
- ALL images EDITED & UN EDITED on a high resolution Photo CD
- WATER MARKS are NOT on the photos I give you :) I only water mark photos I post on the web for privacy reasons.

Due to many no shows and cancelations I will not book a session in stone until a deposit of $30 is paid ONE WEEK prior to your scheduled session. For last minute notices, (if I have an available slot) full payment due in full at time of booking.

If you are unable to make it to your photo session, you will NOT be refunded the $30, but I can apply it towards a make up session and wave the next booking fee.

How do I justify my cost?
While I am charging $75 flat rate it is still cheaper than most places.
2 hours of my time on location photographing, preparation, equipment, photoshop software, HOURS of editing. (I automatically remove blemishes, dark eye circles and wrinkles in EVERY photo, unless I am asked not to).
I do black and whites and selective color black and whites, I do color correction and special edit on nearly every photo.
I also include the untouched photos in the CD.
You can not touch a photo CD for under $90 at any photography studio, and that is usually AFTER you purchase high a la carte print prices AND a high session fee.

Your CD will contain EVERY photo from your session.
Typically 20+ Photos (Photo quanitity depends on how many the subject desires, how children behave, etc, I am not responsible for children who are uncooperative, but I will glady make a session up if they are too tired to cooperate for the session).

I do smash the cake photo sessions at my home for a price of $50. (Price subject to change). This includes images of the cake by itself, child with cake and cake afterwards photos. Smash the cake sessions include a collage & story board and up to 50 or more photos on a high resolution CD.
$25 deposit required to schedule and book my time.
I WILL DO ALL THE CLEAN UP (you just need to clean up your little one) :)

**I can make a large cupcake cake if requested, a week prior to booking (2 days sometimes, pending my schedule) I charge an additional $20 for the cake - or you may bring your own.

Feel free to email me for any questions:
I will message my personal phone number to anyone who is seriously interested in booking.

I will pay 10% CASH for every BOOKED & PAID FOR Session you refer to me.
(5% payout on specials prices, 10% payout on the full $75 fee).
10% CASH can be paid out 2 days following completion of your refered client's session. You may pick this up at my home or I can mail you a check to your home address.

For every 5 paid REFERALS a person gives me you will earn ONE free session on top of your cash payouts.


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