Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Children's Christmas Photos || Downtown Fayetteville

Here are photos from this past Saturday, I knew that after Ethan's surgey I would have no idea how he will heal or want to be in the mood for photos, so I figured I'd get them. That being said, BOOK NOW if you want Christmas photos done!! I am only doing weekends and already have 4 sessions in the works. REMEMBER I am flat rate of $50 that includes EVERYTHING, it includes my TIME, PHOTO EDITING, and MOST importantly 50-100 photos ON A HIGH RESOLUTION CD for YOU to print WHEREVER YOU WANT! That's right, I am not like those crazy expensive photogs that charge you 20 bucks for a 5 x 7, you pay $50, and you GET the CD and can print WHEREVER YOU WANT:) You are saving 100 bucks right off b/c other photog's charge AT LEAST that just for their time, and you won't touch a CD for under 90 bucks ANYWHERE, even JCPenney and Wal mart:) Just sayin;D

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Children's Photo Shoot: Downtown, Fayetteville, NC

Oh gosh, these little girls are seriously so darn cute!! And so well behaved too! Here are some from today's session (I took over 100 usable photos, but for obvious reasons will only share a few).